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Oct 25

These charts don’t look like inflation to me

Composite PMI readings come out each month and represent a monthly snapshot on the health of the manufacturing and service economies. A reading above 50 is considered good and the underlying economy is experiencing growth. A <50 reading is noting a shrinking economy as measured by output, activity, and prices.A... read more →
Oct 20
Oct 19

3Q2023 earnings update…so far so good

We are one week into the 3Q23 the earnings reporting season.  64 companies have reported so far, 13% of the SP500 and 30% of those reporting to date have been financials/banks.  The “beat ratio” – the percentage of companies reporting better than expected earnings – is running at 75%.  Granted... read more →
Oct 18
Oct 11

Q3 Earnings Poised to Resume Growth

Q3 earnings season is about to rev up with the big US banks reporting on Friday and major Tech companies later this month.  Over the past three quarters, S&P 500 earnings have contracted on a YOY basis, and current expectations for the overall index are for another marginal decline of... read more →
Oct 10
Oct 05

Recession Model Update

As we enter Q4, the economy continues to have significant momentum behind it. A consensus of economist estimates the economy should have grown by 3% in Q3. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Fed GDPNow model’s current reading of 4.9% suggests there may be upside risk to that forecast. However, even against such... read more →
Oct 03
Sep 13
Sep 12