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Nov 03

#43: Scott Dell’Orfano | M&A

Mergers and acquisitions are a hot topic in the trade press these days. What then are the causes and formative factors behind the increased M&A activity being seen in the RIA industry landscape in recent months? Listen in to find out more. Scott Dell’Orfano is Chief Strategic Officer at Congress... read more →
Oct 19

#42: Congress Investment Team | All Time Highs

Despite advisor’s best efforts to the contrary, many amateur investors insist on trying some variation of “timing the market” philosophy to guide their investment activity. The myth is that if you’re investing while the market is continually racking up all time high returns, surely there’s a cliff just ahead, now’s... read more →
Jun 22

#41: Kate Cote | Helping Military Families

Helping military and federal government families is a special niche, one that requires some specialized knowledge and a level of empathy that not too many advisors can showcase. Their needs are specific and specialized, and the advisor’s skill set must follow suit to serve them well. Kate Cote has developed... read more →
Jun 01

#40: Chris Wendt | Digital Marketing

Have referrals started to dry up, is your pipeline of new business getting shorter and shorter, is it taking you longer to find and identify prospects? If the answer to any of these is “yes”, then this is the episode for you! Christ Wendt lays out digital web-based marketing tactics... read more →
May 18

#39 Bernie Kiely | Working With Industry Organizations

Bernie Kiely, highly respected and renowned advisor tells you how it is in the world of advisory practice and how to develop your practice through working closely with industry-oriented organizations. Bernie doesn’t pull any punches in this delightful half hour full of useful and valuable practice growth insights, you don’t... read more →